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this is logan wells, a sixteen year old 11th grader from orange county, california. early this morning (march 23, 2014), logan was riding his skateboard home when he was hit by a 61 year old man driving a van and was rushed to the hospital; five hours later, heaven gained an angel. my entire community is devastated by the tragedy. in memory of logan and his passion for skateboarding, everyone who is aware has been asked to wear hawaiian shirts and bucket hats tomorrow (march 24, 2014). this is a reminder of how precious life is, how someone you have never met can touch your life, and how beautiful the power of unity is. shred in peace logan wells, you will be greatly missed 

click here to donate for #skatepark4logan in which our community is trying to raise money to build a skatepark to keep young skaters off the streets and out of danger.

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